December 28, 2009


The Game

October 24, 2009

I have proposed to myself the game, and I am using this web blog to hold me accountable as you the reader now can exert social pressure on me.

So, what is the game that I am referring to? Is it a card game or board game? Its neither. Instead of being a game of cards or one that you play with friends this game deals primarily with real life.
Succeed and I do reasonably well for the next few years. Fail and suffer the consequences.
The rules of the game are simple, take a gamble with land labor and capital to make a business that makes me financially independent of my current boss.

(note: Performance will be judged on time too dollar metric with the requirement of time spent to be blow 10 hours a week.)

Hello World

October 21, 2009

Today this blog goes live!

With that in mind, I will make this statement.

I will be using this medium to cover a range of subjects that I find personally interesting.

SO a little about myself is in order, to let people know who I am and what I do.

I am a retired audio engineer and video camera man of nine years experience. Having decided that lifting large speakers and working on razor thin margins to appease the crowed was for the rest of the world I decided to become a real estate investor.

My interests in no particular order: Real Estate, the Economy, innovation, research and how to apply it to today. Technology and how it relates to needs. Finally how to replicate effective ministry beyond geographical boundaries.

( Editors Note: I consider myself a Reformed Presbyterian. This will affect where I reason from and could cause some discomfort for the reader. However we have choice on the internet so feel free to move on.)